Friday, August 10, 2012

A Bumpe Student Receives A Scholarship

The Kposowa Foundation would like to acknowledge the generosity of a gracious donor who provided a four-year scholarship to Bumpe student, Nyanda Kakegbeh. Nayanda is in the 8th grade and shows great academic promise. She has five siblings and her parents are subsistence farmers in Bumpe Chiefdom. Nyanda is hard-working, respectful and loved by her fellow students.She is also President of the Cultural Group at Bumpe High School.

Nyanda, along with the Foundation, deeply thanks our donors for their contribution and supporting her bright and happy future!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Woodburn Gives to Bumpe

In May, Judy Culberson met with students and their teacher at Woodburn Elementary School in Morgantown, WV. The students presented a check for $300.00 to the Kposowa Foundation. As a unit of study, six students ran a café for teachers throughout the school year. A kindergarten class baked muffins each week, and these fourth-grade students sold them and water to the teachers and administration at the school. Proceeds from this project are dedicated to a charity of their choice. This year the students chose to give the money they earned to Bumpe High School. During the presentation, students talked to Sarah by conference call, asked questions, and learned a few Mende words.Three students from Woodburn also participated in a pen pal exchange with 3 Bumpe students and their teacher, Amy Ellis, hopes to continue the exchange in the upcoming year. The Kposowa Foundation thanks the students of Woodburn for their amazing contribution!

Friday, July 6, 2012

AIDS Awareness Campaign

In March 2012, the Berkeley Carroll School in partnership with the Kposowa Foundation sponsored an HIV/AIDS and STD awareness workshop at Bumpe High School. The workshop included 90 participants from various schools and medical practitioners taught students about the causes, symptoms, and prevention of HIV/AIDS and other STDS. From the campaign, students were able to learn about the hazards of HIV/AIDS, STDS, and teen pregnancy.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bikes in Bumpe

Bumpe High school has just acquired fifteen bicycles for use by students who have been walking long distances to the school.  When we learned here in Morgantown, WV, that the Village Bicycle Project was distributing bikes and training in Ghana (and Sierra Leone!), we contacted them to inquire about some Bikes for Bumpe!  Dave Pelham responded quickly with information about their bike workshops and sales programs.

It was fortuitous that some dedicated donors at Wesley United Methodist Church in Morgantown had a buckful of pocket change they had collected to help make "Change in Bumpe".  A generous anonymous donor added some larger bills to the pot and the total contribution was adequate to fund costs of a full day bicycle workshop in Bumpe including purchase of the bicycles.  Hindo Kposowa assisted as Dave (VBP)  arrived with bicycles and tools to spend the day teaching students and others how to maintain, repair and ride bicycles.  Bikes can now be checked out by responsible students who will use them for their trip to and from school. The smiles in the photos make it clear that everyone is delighted with this new program.