Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Donor Spotlight , Meet Lena Cox!

This past summer, The Kposowa Foundation received an unexpected email from a resident of Clinton, Maryland. Lena Cox had just finished reading A Princess Found and expressed an interest to help. She also shared with us her story…

About a year ago Lena and her husband Richard took DNA tests to find their African roots. What the tests revealed was that the couple’s DNA was traced to Sierra Leone, and that Richard’s material roots were from the Mende Tribe and Lena’s from the Temne Tribe. Since The Kposowa Foundation is dedicated toward rebuilding areas in Sierra Leone, Lena and her husband felt the need to help.

Lena and Richard are seasoned philanthropists who support the Kiva organization and the Children of the Nation organization. With the Children of the Nation organization, they had donated “Smile Packs” that included hygienic products and school supplies. Lena’s email extended the invitation to gather “Smile Packs” for the students of Bumpe High School.

“I know quite a few African Americans are tracing their roots back to Africa and are trying to find ways to connect or help.” Lena wrote.

Since then, Lena has been diligently communicating with The Kposowa Foundation on the status of the Smile Packs. Thus far she has collected 50 smile packs, each including 2 composition books, a ruler , 5 pens, 5 pencils, a pencil sharper, a glue stick and either a block eraser or 5 cap erasers and a box of colored pencils. A bag of miscellaneous school supplies, left over from the Smile Packs, are also included. Lena has also donated the cost of shipping the supplies to Africa!

“This project is something God has placed on my heart to do. This will be my second year working with the school packs. I am a librarian and my husband is a computer systems administrator. We are by no means wealthy but we try to make a difference where we can. Our only concern has always been that the packs get into the hands of the children that need them the most. After my library purchased a copy of A Princess Found and I had a chance to read it, I think Bumpe High School will be the best place to send the packs. Ms. Culberson thanks for sharing your story and motivating me even more.”

Thank you Lena and Richard! We look forward to updating the blog with pictures and stories once Bumpe High receives the Smile Packs.

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