Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Kposowa Club

[photo of The Kposowa Club @ Long Beach Polytechnic High School]

This past summer the Foundation had two high school interns, Sasanka Jinadasa and Samantha Liberman, regularly helping out at the office. The girls helped with everything from stuffing envelopes for our July appeal to inputting data entry to making lunch runs for everyone in the office. In addition to helping our office run like a well oiled machine, the girls were inspired to start The Kposowa Club at their high school to help raise awareness about The Kposowa Foundation and its work in Sierra Leone.

Sasanka, founder and president of The Kposowa Club, provided us with the picture above and updated us about a recent fundraiser in which the club was able to raise funds for its upcoming activities. The foundation is excited to have such a dedicated group of young people on board.

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