Thursday, December 4, 2008

Welcome to The Kposowa Foundation Blog

Sarah Culberson co-founded The Kposowa Foundation after her trip to Sierra Leone to meet her birth father.

The Kposowa Foundation is dedicated to building viable communities in Sierra Leone by providing education, clean water, and sustainable economic opportunities. Currently, the foundation is focusing on completing construction of Bumpe High Schol in Bumpe, Sierra Leone, West Africa.


The Contehs said...

As one who grew up in Sierra Leone before moving to the US over twenty years ago, I wish to commend Sarah for looking out for the children of Bumpe. I would have never been educated had it not been for the financial support of a group of insurance workers in Sweden who sponsored me through high school. The best help to give to Africa is to educate its kids who in turn will educate others, and that will help grow the African economy.

LABAY said...

Thanks for this wonderful Project.I met you a couple of years back at the YLSL forum in MD.I was one of the speakers on the state of public health in Sierra Leone.I just recently moved to Lubbock, TX @ TTUHSC.I am doing my residency in Neuropsychiatry.I will be going home this x-mass.Thank you so much for the wonderful job.

kristy said...

i love ur book