Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Restoring the Heart of Bumpe

It is said that the heart of any home is the dinning room. It is where the inhabitants can share a meal, a discussion, and some quality time together. The Kposowa Foundation had this and so much more in mind when they took on the project of rebuilding the dinning hall at Bumpe High School. With a private grant and the support of the Institute of Human Development, the dinning hall was completed and furnished this summer. Students and staff are now able to fellowship and enjoy arts programs in a beautiful space. The hall also provides a valuable resource for the community as it can be rented for weddings, conferences, and other events that additionally benefit revenue sources for the school.

In addition to the dinning hall, there has been major progress in completing the bathrooms. This is tremendously exciting, especially for female students who need proper facilities to feel comfortable in their learning environment. Although toilets and plumbing have not been installed, Bumpe students and staff are enthusiastic about the progress. Thanks to everyone involved in this project!

Newly Constructed Bathrooms

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