Friday, February 11, 2011

Connecting Oakwood & Bumpe Students

The Kposowa Foundation would like to thank you for your continuing support and involvement. Your investments make a tremendous difference in the lives of young people in Sierra Leone and allow us to positively impact the lives of Bumpe students. With your support, they can enter a hopeful and happy future with growing optimism. Thank you for being a valuable part of this journey! 
This January, the Kposowa Foundation, in partnership with Oakwood School in Southern California led a global service learning trip to Sierra Leone. The eight-student delegation along with representatives of Oakwood School and the Kposowa Foundation toured the major urban centers of Bo and Freetown. However, the primary activities involved engaging with students at Bumpe High School; together students painted a large world mural on the outside library wall, constructed a new Bumpe High School sign, and worked with primary school students on an art project. Connecting students from two different countries was a life changing experience for everyone.  Teenagers and primary school students from different parts of the world came together through art, soccer, and games. It was wonderful to watch them as they connected, almost as if they already knew each other.
 The project was truly an extraordinary educational encounter for all the students, including those from Oakwood School in California and those at Bumpe HS in Sierra Leone.

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